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What can I do with a glowstick?

Glowsticks and other glow novelties have so many applications it would perhaps be impossible to make any list which is completely exhaustive. This of course is part of their charm. All over the world and at the same time, different people are using glowsticks for different reasons and for very different applications.
A teenager in one part of the country might be waving a glowstick triumphantly at a disco while his contemporary in the other half of the country might be on a camping trip out in the woods with friends, just setting up his tent and snapping a few glowsticks into action as night begins to fall. There's a blackout  in the town 10 miles east of the woods and men and women grab their glowsticks from the storage locker to use as candles until the power comes back on. Firemen in the city 50 miles away are checking a suspected leaking gas main in a factory and are lighting glowsticks as a safe source of light to illuminate the hazardous area.
With so many possible applications it is no wonder that glowsticks have become ubiquitous in recent times. Originally researched and manufactured for the US military, inefficient chemical reactions and short glow life times made early commercial production of glowsticks impractical. Luckily for most of us and after more and more research, costs came down enough to make affordable and long lasting glow products in all shapes and sizes!
We have had many suggestions from customers and distributors of our glow novelties and the information below represents the most common ways in which our glow in the dark products are used.
Safety First
1- Save a life!!! - it's true and they can.
2- Use to mark emergency exits.
3- A safe light source when close to hazardous chemicals, gas mains and damaged electricity wires.
4- Car breakdown's - flag down passers-by; help is never far way with a glowstick.
5- Power outages - you never know how long you'll have to wait for
6- Road-side emergency - mark accident scenes and obstructions.
7- Cyclists - use it to signal to motorists.
8- Running/Jogging - increase your visibility at night and make others aware of you for your safety.
9- When walking at night, for example on camping excursions, use glowsticks to avoid getting separated from your group.
10- Mining - miners use glowsticks to investigate gas leaks and other dangers; glowsticks boldly glow in places no other light source can safely go.
11- Make it easier for firemen to find you in thick smoke.
Popular uses for glowsticks and glow novelties
1- Dance and rave accessory - make up dance routines with friends and practice for a big night out - glowsticks are without a doubt THE number one most popular raver's accessory.
2- Back-up light source for when your flashlight batteries die.
3- Hang outside your tent when camping to avoid tripping over tent ropes. Or hang inside the tent to give 360 degree vision.
4- Take some diving and see more clearly under water. Mark treasure lost at sea and other sites for investigation.
5- Fun bike lights for off road pursuits with friends.
6- Glow-to-bed friend - a nightlight to keep those things that go bump in the night away.
7- Wear on Halloween when you're trick or treating.
8- Take some to a concert, fairground or festival and join in with fellow glowers or set the trend for others to follow.
9- Take it fishing and watch the fish queue up to see the light, then catch them.
10- Ice breaker at a party/gathering - great for getting to know people and taking the edge off those initial nerves.
11- Have it as a pendant - break in emergency.
Novelty Uses
1- Hide some glowsticks around your house and get your friends to find them. A great game to make a memorable party.
2- Make a trail in the woods so you can find your way back out easily. You don't need to place them end to end, about 10 to 20 yards apart should be okay.
3- 100m, 400m relay races - use a glowstick as a baton and race round a track in the dead of night with your friends!
4- Wear on halloween when you're out trick or treating.
5- New Year's Eve - make the night extra special and glow your way into the new year.
6- Attach them to skateboards and roller blades to make them look futuristic and cool.
7- Night swimming - great fun with your friends if the pool's warm enough!
8 - Float one in your fish tank and see what the fish make of it.
9- Strap some onto a remote control car and tear around the neighborhood at night.
10- Attach a glowstick to your dog's collar before you let him off the lead at night - no more worrying about losing him or seeing where he's got to.
11- Night skiing - Light sticks look great to wear and they make perfect safety sense too, making you easily 'spottable' to others.
12- Give some as a present on a special occasion eg. Birthday/Christmas/Halloween/New Year.
13- Attach some to your kite and watch it glow with the stars.

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